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It began, they say, more than a century ago as a training exercise for Norwegian soldiers, which goes a long way toward explaining how cross-country skiing and riflery met. The result is biathlon, the only sport that involves ski wax and bullets. And this is one of the few places you can learn about it and experience being a biathlete!

In the summer months, obviously you can’t ski the trails without snow, but you can get heart racing—the idea being to simulate the rush biathletes feel as they try to line up a target. Then you’ll step up to the range in our Cross Country Stadium, take aim, and fire a 22 rifle or a paintball gun (12 & under) to test your marksmanship. Come out and see how you do; it’s worth a shot! Save 20% on Be a Biathlete with your Olympic Sites Passport.



Be a Biathlete
No longer available for Summer/Fall 2019
Times and dates are subject to change.


Adult/Junior/Senior: $22

Adult: 13+ | Junior: 7-12 | Save 20% with your Olympic Sites Passport