Mt. Van Hoevenberg is closed for the remainder of the 2019/20 Winter Season.

loppet juniors

This program is designed to support a life-long love for cross country skiing and Biathlon. Skiers develop sports skills and fitness toward enjoyment and proficiency in cross country skiing. Individuals will learn technical and mental skills through experience, games, and exercises that will create a solid foundation for a life in skiing. Our team will focus on creating a positive and rewarding environment for all to participate.

Skiers in this program will work toward skiing in one of the events at the Lake Placid Loppet weekend and in each of the ADK Citizen Challenge Series events. The program fee includes a season pass to Mt. Van Hoevenberg for the 2018/19 season.

The Loppet Juniors program is for teens ages 12-17. This program meets for 10 sessions on Saturday.


Program Fee for all Sessions (includes a season pass to Mt. Van Hoevenberg): $100
Kort Loppet Race Entry Fee: $30
Season Long Rentals: $50

This program is exclusive for teens ages 12-17.